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I am an actor, director, playwright, short-story writer, script doctor, coach and corporate trainer. I live in Colchester, Essex, with my wife, the actress Nicola Goodchild, and our two sons, Louis, 13 and Charlie, 10. 

I was born and brought up London, went to University in Manchester, and lived for many years in Bristol and London. When the family arrived, we decided to up-sticks and move to East Anglia, which has always had happy associations for me. Both sets of grandparents lived here, and Nicky and I have both worked in theatres all over the region. 

If you have a little trawl around the website, you'll find samples of my work, with more detailed background about how it came about, who it was written for and why. 

My work has been described variously as 'brilliant', 'hilarious', 'horrible', 'nasty,' and 'the product of a diseased imagination'. Other comments include: 'You bloody weirdo' (my wife), 'Where the hell did that come from?' (my mother), and 'What have I spawned?' (my father).
Patrick Marlowe - actor, writer roleplayer

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